Barbie Movie Watch Online: Where to Stream Movie Online?

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s Barbie has emerged to be a superhit film. Barbie is a Greta Gerwig directorial released on July 21. The film clashed with Oppenheimer and since then an online phenomenon called Barbieheimer has been getting viral. 

A lot of fans went to watch this superhit film in their pink outfits since everyone was down with this Barbie fever. Fans have been waiting for the OTT release of this film as they can never get enough of it. Now there’s good news for all the Barbie lovers as the film is releasing soon on an OTT platform! Below are the details.. 

Barbie is releasing on which OTT platform? 

After making over $1 billion at the box office, the film is releasing on OTT on September 5. You can pre order it on Amazon for $19.99. 

However this facility is available only for Amazon Prime Video in the United States and there has been no other update regarding the Indian platform. Indian fans have also been waiting for its OTT release but for them no update has been released as of now. 

Indians have to wait for a little longer to watch this film on Amazon India regarding which no other details have been shared. 

About the Barbie film

Barbie, a female directed film, witnessed a domestic opening of $155 million by breaking all the barriers and expectations. In this film, Margot plays the role of Barbie who was exiled from the Barbie world with Ken, played by Ryan Gosling. 

Barbie and Ken have the best time of their lives in the Barbie land but after a few unfortunate events, they both are sent to the real world. This film is about Barbie discovering the joys and perils of the real world with human beings. 

Barbie is a complete package of everyone’s childhood memories and everything pink.

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