Batch 2013 Movie Review : A Tale Of Blood, Sweat And Grit

StarcastHardeep Grewal, Neeta Mohindra, Hashneen Chauhan, Manjit Singh, Dr. Sahib Singh
DirectorGarry Khatrao
Kiddaan Rating

Punjabi industry has been on the vulnerable end for a very long time now. Production banners are bankrolling their projects with full zeal, but their content has not been appealing the audience yet. There have been a lot of experiments post covid, but a very few have found their place in the good books at the box office. One team which did not keep itself from challenging themselves was Hardeep Grewal’s. He is back with another challenging script titled as Batch 2013. Hardeep Grewal’s Batch 2013 is released on September 9 and we have penned the Batch 2013 Movie Review to guide you about the movie before you book your tickets.

Hardeep Grewal starrer Batch 2013 was highly anticipated post the promises he had made to himself and his audience. Let’s have a look at our Batch 2013 Movie Review  and see what Hardeep has served us this time. 

Story and Screenplay

Garry Khatrao’s unforgiving  drama incorporates the scenarios that led to life changing events for an aimless guy Nihaal singh (Hardeep Grewal) to transform himself into a respected Police officer.

The story revolves around Nihaal Singh, the protagonist. Being the only son to a respected constable , Nihal’s family has always envisioned him in the khaki uniform.On the contrary, Nihal is somewhat a spoiled brat, who is also in love with Vaani(Hashneen Chauhan) and is enjoying his college life to the fullest. His father , however, is determined to get his son into the forces. Nihal has zero interest in the uniform. Forces to him, meant apparently nothing. 

He somehow becomes a DSP but gets dismissed from the forces with some hefty charges against him. Now he tries hard to get his reputation back. What Batch 2013 has to do with this procedure is what the movie is all about.

When talking about the Screenplay in this Batch 2013 Movie Review, the movie has no scenes where you shall find yourself doomed. The plot finds connectivity throughout and a lot of attention to detail can be witnessed throughout the project. There are instances where some practices seem impractical but nonetheless, were sufficing the camera. 

Acting & Performance 

First thing’s first, Hardeep Grewal is on a roll. Interestingly, after playing a valiant cyclist In Tunka Tunka, here he switches to his better self and plays an invincible Punjab Police officer and recruits a special team of brave and valiant Commando’s: Batch 2013. Justifying the hype around him, the actor continues to grow from strength to strength. He is a pure finesse who can go to any extent to completely erase the boundary which detaches the actor from the character.His body transformation were quite the talk and he has very beautifully covered the same in the movie too. 

His sincere and effortless presence adds depth to this film that otherwise lacks the palpable tension you expect from a civilian drama.Hardeep has surely set a benchmark this time and henceforth, expectations are very high too. 

Let’s talk about Hashneen Chauhan in our Batch 2013 Movie Review. Hashneen is enacting the female lead and has come out very beautifully on camera and she might just have given directors a good reason to cast her for future projects. The other supporting characters have added flavour and strength to the project and none of the characters seems irrelevant or unnecessary. 


Garry Khatrao’s vision has done equal justice to the project. The film scores higher on the technical front than creative. The combat sequences, ambush, gunfire, fistfights, sniper shots are realistically shot.

The camera tactfully follows the Batch 2013 commandos  like a shadow. Sound effects are crucial to combat film storytelling, and this drama uses it effectively for most parts. The sounds of weapons and bullets are captured well but some unnecessary sounds (loud whispers, noisy footsteps) beat the very purpose of an important mission in the ending sequence. But nonetheless, this is one of the finest works in this genre for Pollywood and we congratulate  the director on that. 

Songs and BGM

The movie has an amazing background score. Infact , some of the tracks dwelled well with the screenplay and it was a delight to watch. The ending track wherein he is being given the last goodbye , gets tears rolling down the eyes of some. 


Concluding our Batch 2013 Movie Review with the final words: The overall project is a very good effort by the whole team to beautifully get such a strong plot to life. Well, the expectations were low from the movie post the trailer release as such war drama and intensity hasn’t turned up well for the pollywood screen’s in the past but we believe the team has fulfilled its commitments of giving a project worth spending money on. 

Team Kiddan rates Batch 2013  a 3.5 stars out of 5 for having the zeal to do something different and hence proving it. Some minute technical errors are there throughout the project which could or could not be ignored. Also, some of the scene’s where the protagonist is training his teams did not make sense as they were contrary to what is actually taught. 

If you are in this weekend to witness some serious Pollywood patriotic zeal, get to your nearest theaters and watch Batch 2013.

Haven’t seen the Batch 2013’s trailer yet? Here it is, watch it now

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