Beant Kaur Bajwa Booked In Lovepreet Singh Death Case

The case has finally been registered against Beant Kaur Bajwa, originally from the Khudi Kalan village of Barnala in Punjab, who is in Canada on a Study Visa. The in-charge of Dhanaula Police, Harsimranjit Singh, has finally filed a case against Beant Kaur under Section 420 for Cheating and Forgery. He said that the police will go through Lovepreet’s call records and other documents to reach the truth. Earlier, Case had been filed against Beant under Section 174 of the CrPC because the family had claimed that their son had died in the field after spraying pesticides. 

A month ago, this incident took place that created disturbances in all of Punjab and Canada. A boy of 23, Lovepreet Singh, a resident of the Dhanaula village in Barnala district of Punjab was found dead. Lovepreet Singh’s family blamed a girl living in Canada, Beant Kaur Bajwa, to be the reason behind their son’s death and that started a social media campaign against the girl.

Later progressions also revealed that Beant Kaur was married to Lovepreet in India. Lovepreet’s family spent 40 lakh rupees on sending Beant to Canada, in a hope that she would also call their son and her husband, Lovepreet, to Canada and their son will be settled. 

But as soon as she reached Canada, her behaviour completely changed. She started ignoring Lovepreet’s messages and even sent a ‘Thumbs Up’ message when Lovepreet said that he’ll commit suicide. Lovepreet’s family totally blames Beant for his death and want strict legal actions against her, they even want her to be deported back to India.

Further, it was also revealed that Beant was allegedly cheating on Lovepreet. Though being married to him, she had relations with a boy named Ravdeep Singh Johal in Canada and wanted to marry him. Rumours also say that she had applied for a Visa to the US and mentioned her relationship status as ‘Unmarried’. 

All these blames have been put by Lovepreet’s family on Beant Kaur Bajwa. The public is also running a social media campaign against Beant Kaur and recently, even a protest march was held against her in Punjab. The truth is still unknown. So, for the justice to prevail, a case has finally been filed against Beant Kaur Bajwa for allegedly cheating Lovepreet Singh and forcing him to commit suicide.

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