Beant Kaur Booked Under Section 306 For Abetment To Suicide Of Husband Lovepreet Singh

Beant Kaur Booked Under Section 306 For Abetment To Suicide Of Husband Lovepreet Singh

NRI Beant Kaur who has been in news for cheating her husband has been booked under the section 306 of Indian Penal Code for abetment of suicide. The case of Beant Kaur and Lovepreet Singh has been trending on social media after Lovepreet was found dead under mysterious circumstances. The in-laws of Beant Kaur filed a complaint against her, who is currently in Canada on a study visa from 2019. Earlier also, the NRI woman was booked under section 420 for cheating her husband at Dhanaula Police Station. 

Beant Kaur Bajwa Booked In Lovepreet Singh Death Case.

As reported by Lovepreet’s father, his son got married to Beant Kaur on 2nd August 2019, and 17th August was the date when Beant Kaur left for Canada on study visa. He also stated that she didn’t take her husband i.e. Lovepreet Singh along with her, and also stopped communicating with him after some time. The family of Lovepreet Singh had spent more than 25 lakh on the study of Beant Kaur.

Though Beant Kaur has been denying all the allegations, the viral case grabbed the attention of social media, making netizens support Lovepreet’s family and demanding justice for him. The case was so much in the highlights that even the Prime Minister of Canada; Justin Trudeau also released a statement against the same after being questioned by a reporter.

Justin Trudeau Talks About The Beant Kaur Case And Reveals If Canada’s Immigration Policy Will Be Changed Or Not

 If you’re not well aware of who Beant Kaur is, and anything more about the case, we can help you out and you can follow the detailed story mentioned below;

Who Is Beant Kaur? The Girl Blamed For The Suicide Of Lovepreet Singh

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