Beautiful Billo Movie Review: A Flawed Script Beautifully Aced By Neeru Bajwa

StarcastNeeru Bajwa, Rubina Bajwa & Roshan Prince
DirectorSantosh Subhash
Kiddaan Rating

Beautiful Billo starring Neeru Bajwa, Rubina Bajwa and Roshan Prince in the leading roles, is the newly released Punjabi Movie. The film was expected to be a family entertainer with great comedy and drama. But how well did the film land on fans’ expectations? We have jotted down the Beautiful Billo movie review just to answer all your questions about the film. 

In this Beautiful Billo review, we have included all the spoiler-free aspects of the film. You’ll get to know about the story, star cast, performances, songs and more about the latest film. 


The story of Beautiful Billo revolves around Neeru Bajwa’s character which has pure desi vibes. She is an illegal immigrant in the UK. She finds a home where she can stay by the time her husband gets back from Scotland (with PR for Neeru). Rubina Bajwa (Sonika) and Roshan Prince (Navi) happen to be the couple who allow Neeru to stay at their place. 

Sonika has serious problems with the desi people, which makes her often get into clashes with Neeru Bajwa. With time Sonika also starts to have doubts about Navi’s relationship with Billo. Sonika is sure that Billo will turn a home breaker and will separate her from Navi. 

But what actually happens next is all that adds more humor and a lot of drama to the film’s story. 

Acting & Performances

Beautiful Billo stars Neeru Bajwa, Rubina Bajwa and Roshan Prince in leading roles. Apart from these, actors like Honey Mattu, Baninder Bunny, Sukhwinder Chahal and more will be seen in pivotal and supporting roles. 

Overall, all the actors justified their parts really well and impressed us with their acting skills. But we sensed a lack of chemistry and spark between Rubina Bajwa and Roshan Prince. The duo failed to compliment each other on the screen which was odd while watching. 

And we cannot conclude the discussion about the performances in this Beautiful Billo movie review without mentioning Neeru Bajwa was the absolute show stealer. She, in the role of a pregnant woman, aces the role. She has actually paid attention to every minute detail. 

Music & Dialogues 

The music of Beautiful Billo was actually not very excellent. It was average but was not eligible to be called outstanding. But on the other hand, we are happy with the dialogues of the film. 

 Some of the dialogues in the film are too entertaining and impressive. Though there are a few which are boring and cliché, they are covered with good performances. 

Direction & Writing 

Just like the music, the direction of Beautiful Billo is also not too over the top. It’s average as it fails to hold the grip for too long. At points, the film turns boring. But some comic sequences were strong enough to get the film back on its track. 

Now heading towards the writing in this Beautiful Billo movie review, the story of this film is something you can count on. This is not something that you get to watch in every other film. It’s new, fresh and entertaining.  


Overall, Beautiful Billo has turned out to be a film with an equal amount of flaws and excellence. There are a few things that make the film really rich like the performance of Neeru Bajwa. And on the other side, the film fails to serve us with focused entertainment. We hope we have helped you make up your mind about this film in this Beautiful Billo movie review. 

We conclude Beautiful Billo as a good watch. You can enjoy watching the film with your family. It might be a flawless project but is worth a watch. Also, you should watch it to experience some great performances by Neeru, Rubina and Roshan Prince. 

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