Top 15 Lyricists Of The Punjabi Music Industry

It is often said that the soul of a song is its words. The words penned down by the lyricist, give the song a meaning, a direction, a structure and most importantly, make it a song. It is the ‘words of a song’ that deliver messages, that pump you up, that make you remind of the good old times, that motivates you, that makes you sad, happy and countless such emotions are held within those little union of letters. 

The contribution of Punjabi lyricists in making the industry a globally popular one, has been undeniably astounding. In recent times, we have seen a huge drift in the overall industry and the audience as well as the industry has started recognizing the contribution of lyricists in making a song. 

There was a time when the ‘singer’ was mostly known as the ‘creator of the song’ but this is almost non-existent now. A song is defined by the work of every single artist behind it who has lent his time, his talent and hard work to it. So, it is an attempt by us to recognize the work of 20 such lyricists who have helped the industry in growing and are some of the most prolific artists in the industry.

List Of Best Punjabi Lyricists


The name that needs no introduction. Jaani is not only a writer, he is a poet. The emotions in his words are so soulful and enough to entangle you in your own thoughts. He is also one of the few lyricists of the Punjabi industry who has made it to Bollywood and established himself as a top lyricist there too. Mann Bharrya, Filhaal, Qismat and many more are the creations of Jaani.

Happy Raikoti

Simply one of the most popular lyricists on the list. We all remember singing Happy Raikoti’s songs in our childhood. He has been in the industry for so long and has always been consistent with his art. He is still writing amazing songs and winning our hearts like always. Main Tan Vi Pyar Kardan, Diary, Jaan and countless such songs will give you a glimpse of his art.

Narinder Batth

This lyricist did not only write songs, he owned an era! There was a time when every other song was written by Narinder Batth. He is undoubtedly a legend and is still making the audience entertain with his excellent writing skills. Songs like Lancer, Gulab are some of his best works as a lyricist.


Nirmaan is the lyricist behind some of the songs you are vibing to everyday. In a short span of time, he has risen to become one of the most prolific lyricists in the Punjabi Music Industry, all due to his miraculous writing skills. Tohmat, Jannat Ve, Aaya Jado Da best describe his art.

Bunty Bains

Bunty Bains is not just a name anymore, the artist has put in everything he got to establish his name as a ‘brand’ in the music industry. In addition to being a top producer, he is also an equally talented and renowned lyricist. Ajj Kal Ajj Kal, Baddlan De Kalje and many such songs have been penned down by Bunty Bains.

Laddi Chahal

Yes! He is the ‘Laddi Oye! Snapchat Bnaayi, Teri Bhabi Nu Bhejiye’ waala Laddi. Well, making Snapchats is not the only thing he is good at. Laddi Chahl is also one of the most talented lyricists in the Punjabi Industry. Farming, Sher, Till Death, Choti Da Pistol are some of his best works.

Raj Ranjodh

We do not need to tell you who this man is. His writing is enough to make you fall in love with him. While Raj Ranjodh is also a singer who has given the industry a number of super hits, it is his writing skills that best describe him as an artist. Band Darwaze, songs from Diljit’s MoonChild Era, Swaah Ban Ke are some songs you must listen to. 

Jassi Lohka

Jassi Lohka Image

There is hardly anyone who would not recognize this name. Jassi Lohka is probably one of the most famous lyricists in the Punjabi Music Industry right now.  Songs like 8 Parche, Affair are his writing works and we are sure you already knew that. However, one song in particular, Rang Sanwla, is what gives an insight to the beautiful mind behind Jassi Lohka’s words.

Vicky Dhaliwal

You would remember Vicky Dhaliwal for the super hit track ‘Diamond’, which marked the establishment of Gurnam Bhullar as an artist in the Punjabi Music Industry. After that Vicky went on to work with Gurnam on various songs. Not only Gurnam, but he has also given his lyrics to some of the top artists of the industry. Mulaqat, Phone Maar Di are some of the songs written by him.

Veet Baljit

Another legend of the industry. It’s been so many years since Veet Baljit has been winning our hearts with his lyrics. His words always hold some meaning to them and he is simply one of the fiercest and the boldest writers in the industry at present. Beri, Kaonkeya Wala and many more such songs would give your mind some work to do.


The name ‘Babbu’ surely has something in it. They are probably born with the art which makes people with this name great artists. You would remember the line ‘Babbu Likhda Gaane Si’ from the song that is still the ultimate friendship anthem, Yaar Anmulle. Yes! He is the lyricist behind the song. Sakhiyan, Gal Karke, Pyar Mera are some of his songs apart from Yaar Anmulle.

Shree Brar

Shree Brar is one of the few artists who have made their names in the singing as well as the writing departments. Shree Brar has never feared anyone while writing and always believes in using his pen for speaking up on issues and bringing a change in society. The ‘Kisaan Anthem’ as well as its sequel were both penned down by Shree Brar.

Shinda Kahlon

The superhit trio, Ap Dhillon, Gurinder Gill and Shinda Kahlon have taken their art to the world and have contributed immensely to the global popularity of Punjabi Music. One of the biggest tracks ever in the history of Punjabi Music, Brown Munde was written by Shinda Kahlon. Insane, Arrogant are some of his other super hit songs.


Kaptaan is also another name that has established himself as a prolific lyricist. His journey is nothing less than an inspiration. All thanks to his art, he has taken the road from poverty to success. His recent songs with singer Vicky, like Birthplace and Top Notch Gabru will give you an introduction to the artist.

Navi Ferozpurwala

It is just unbelievable how a single industry has so many powerhouses of industry. Navi Ferozpurwala rose to fame with his song ‘Wakhra Swag’ that still remains a classic hit and is a must in parties. Now, he has started writing even for Bollywood and has proved himself in that industry too. Gussa, Mitran De Boot,  are some of his all-time best works. 

The Punjabi Music Industry is so vast and talented that it is almost impossible to recognize every single artist from it. We have chosen only 15 lyricists but we completely recognize the contribution of every single lyricist in making the Punjabi Music Industry what it is today. Also, the ranking by no means is based in sequential order. Every artist is a master of his own art!

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