“Bewakoof Kaum”: Punjab Minister Inderbir Nijjar Apologises For His Remarks On Punjabi Community!

Inderbir Nijjar, senior Aam Aadmi Party leader and local body minister in Punjab government, while speaking on crop diversity and dropping ground water, said, ‘Punjabiyan to bewakoof kaum koi ni’. As soon as his remarks went viral, opposition leaders as well as the people from across Punjab lashed out at him on social media.

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Moreover, after serious criticism, Nijjar issued an apology on his remarks, stating that he made such remarks in the ‘heat of the moment’ which hurt the sentiments of people of Punjab. “Be it the struggle for country’s freedom or Green revolution, the Punjabi kaum has a history of sacrifices! I duly apologise for my remarks,” said Inderbir Nijjar in a video message.

Though the opposition leaders slammed minister Nijjar over his remarks. Sukhpal Khaira, Congress MLA from Bholath, asked Nijjar to publicly apologise for degrading Punjabis and farmers by calling them “bewakoof.” “Farmers are compelled to sow these crops, because governments like Bhagwant Mann’s have failed to provide MSP on other crops,” said Khaira.

Meanwhile, nerizens also slammed Nijjar over his remarks. Many users lashed out at him on Twitter:

Notably, Nijjar criticised landlords and farmers for their opposition to crop diversification when discussing numerous topics. “Punjabiyan to bewakoof kaum koi ni,” he said, trying to make a point about the need for crop diversity and drop in ground water level. Nijjar added that Punjabi farmers have chosen to use ground water rather than canal water because they are complacent and at ease with the wheat-paddy cycle. However, now minister Inderbir Nijjar has apologised for his remarks, adding that he is well aware of sacrifices made by the Punjabi community and that he himself is a Punjabi. 

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