Beware Of Scammers : After Canada’s New PR Policy, Fraudsters Find A Way To Trap Students And Employees In Canada

The International graduates and temporary workers in Canada had recently got happy news after a long time. Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, these particular sections had got stuck in their own problems, the authorities were not making anything clear to them and the whole Coronavirus situation was making things worse. But then Canada came up with its public policy to grant permanent residency (PR) to 90,000 International graduates and workers. 

But who knew some fraudsters would find a way to scam these helpless students and workers. Recently, Joginder Singh Bassi, host of “The Bassi Show Toronto” uploaded a video spreading awareness about the issue. Due to heavy traffic on the sites accepting IELTS applications, the site had crashed. Fraudsters found an opportunity in it.

These fake companies claiming to successfully apply the applications of people, started trapping and taking heavy amounts of money from them. They claimed to book for IELTS test for 1500-2000 Canadian dollars. Helpless students and workers got stuck in these scams and many people have lost their money so far.

We urge everyone not to believe anybody except the official Sites of Canadian authorities. It’s sad to see how the world has lost humanity and does not understand somebody’s helplessness and find a scamming opportunity in everything. These fraudsters will never stop, so we need to be more aware and not get stuck in such frauds.

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