Big Jolt to Congress in Gujarat, Hardik Patel Quits the Party

Giving a major jolt to the grand old party before the upcoming assembly elections in Gujarat in November-December this year, youth leader Hardik Patel has resigned from the party. Lashing out at the party leadership, Hardik Patel wrote in his resignation letter addressed to Sonia Gandhi, “senior Congress leaders behave in such a way as if they hate Gujarat and Gujaratis. Whenever the country needs senior Congress leaders, they are abroad.”

In his resignation letter, the working president of the party’s state unit Hardik Patel, made no attempt to hide his disappointment with the party as he said the party lacks seriousness and the only stand is to oppose whatever the Centre led by PM Modi did.

“Whenever I met with the senior leadership, I always felt that leaders were not really interested in hearing about problems concerning the people of Gujarat but were more engrossed on what messages they had received on their mobile and other such trivial things. Whenever our country faced challenges and when the Congress needed leadership, Congress leaders were enjoying abroad!” Hardik Patel wrote adding that senior leaders of the party behave in such a way as if they hate Gujarat and Gujaratis. “How in the world can the Congress then expect that the people of Gujarat will see them as an alternative to lead our state?”, Patel wrote in his resignation.

Hardik Patel wrote, “it is unfortunate that workers like him who travel 500-600km in a single day to meet people of the state find that the big leaders of the Congress in Gujarat are more focussed on ensuring that chicken sandwich for leaders who have come from Delhi is delivered on time. Gujaratis can never forget how the Congress party has insulted Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.”

“The Congress leaders have diluted many issues of public importance, ‘all for humongous personal financial gains’. Political thoughts can be different but this kind of a sell out by our leaders for so many years is a betrayal of the people of Gujarat,” he further added, slamming the party leadership in his resignation letter.

In the end, he wrote, “I feel sad and disgusted at the same time as almost everyone in Gujarat is aware of this. Everyone who is active in political and social life must keep working for the people but it is almost like the Congress does not want to do anything good for Gujatar. Even when people like me wanted to do something good for the state, all I and my community faced was ridicule and contempt. When I joined the Congress I did not know that the hearts and minds of leadership of the Congress are filled with such hatred towards our country India, towards my community and especially towards the youth!” 

With the resignation of Hardik Patel from the grand old party, the Congress party has faced a big jolt before the upcoming assembly elections. As per the sources, Hardik Patel is in touch with the BJP as well as the AAP leadership, and may start his new journey anytime soon. As the Patel voters play a vital role in Saurashtra region, where in 2017, the Congress party performed well, the resignation of Hardik Patel would dent the Congress party in the region.

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