Bigg Boss Allows Contestants To Break And Change Their, The Results Left Akshara Shattered

Bigg Boss Allows Contestants To Break And Change Their, The Results Left Akshara Shattered

The OTT version of television Reality Show, Bigg Boss is maintaining its stay in the highlights and news with various twists and turns. It is well known that Bigg Boss OTT is all about connection and it’s important for every contestant to maintain a healthy and good relationship with their connection. Earlier on the premiere day of the show, the female participants had the authority to choose their partners, which went further with some changes, and finally Pratik-Akshara, Millind-Neha, Zeeshan-Divya, Raqesh-Shamita,  Karan-Ridhima and Nishant-Moose were the final connections. 

Ridhima Pandit and Karan Nath were evicted in the recent Weekend Ka Vaar followed by Urfi Javed’s eviction in the first Weekend Ka Vaar episode. Afterwards, only 5 connections were left but the tables turned when Bigg Boss allowed the contestants to break and change their connections. In this task, the female contestants had to offer their heart to the male participant they wanted to build their connection with. While Shamita, Divya and Moose chose to stay loyal and gave their hearts to their earlier connections; Raqesh, Zeeshan and Nishant, there were only connections which suffered.

Though the sweetest and the chirpiest contestant Akshara Singh also offered her loyalty and heart to Pratik Sehajpal, he decided to not accept it and break it. This left Akshara teary eyed as she was left alone. On the other hand, Neha Bhasin also chose to give her heart to no-one, but at last she offered it to Pratik. Pratik accepted it and said he can give Neha a chance. And with this, Akshara also chose to give her heart to Millind Gaba who was left alone after Neha Bhasin betrayed him. He accepted Akshara’s heart and Akshana won our hearts when she said that now she will play with Millind for her friendship with him, and will make sure that Millind will do everything good for him that he wasn’t doing till now. 

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