Bigg Boss Contestant Umar Riaz Gets Injured During A Task, Former Participants Show Concern

Bigg Boss Contestant Umar Riaz Gets Injured During A Task, Former Participants Show Concern

Bigg Boss’s tasks thread has been started since the first week itself but this time it was a next phase task that happened in the BB house which led to several injuries and bruises to the contestants playing. And Umar Riaz was one of the contenders who got severely hurt by one of his fellow housemates.

There was a ‘Zeher Ka Keher’ task going on in the house where the contestants were divided into three teams and they had to juice out the sugarcanes and the one team who collects more of it, wins. All the contestants were indulged into making the opposite team lose. Many housemates were over the top of each other and during that course of task, Umar Riaz got injured and had bruises on his forehead and even his hands. 

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Miesha Iyer, Vidhi Pandya and Donal Bisht also claimed of them being hurt and scratched. However, Umar Riaz did not clarify who hurt him, rather he played the task with full zeal. This heroic behaviour of Umar got everyone’s eyes upon him and the hashtag, ‘ TASK MASTER UMAR RIAZ’ started trending in India as well as other border countries. Asim Riaz, brother of Umar also stood out to support him by sharing a post on his Instagram.

Former Bigg Boss contestant Shefali Bagga too showed her concern for Umar and mentioned that it is not correct to scratch someone’s face as he is a fashion model and his career can be at stake. She also added that a strict action should be taken on the person who hurt him. 

Unluckily Umar Riaz and his team could not win the task but they managed to play well with full zeal and passion in the game. Now let us wait until the Weekend Ka War happens to see Salman Khan’s reaction to whatever happened during the task. 

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