Bigg Boss OTT 2: Abhishek Malhan becomes the first Finalist after defeating Pooja Bhatt

Bigg Boss OTT 2 is one of the most interesting seasons of this digital version of the reality show. It is keeping everyone entertained and the show is on its full swing. 

Headlines are constantly covering the daily updates of Bigg Boss OTT 2. The show was already on fire but after the entry of the famous YouTuber Elvish Yadav, the TRP shot up to another level. 

Now since the show is coming to an end contestants are fighting for their final ticket to the finale. In this season, the makers introduced family week with a twist. Each contestant was required to give a star to another contestant according to their performance in the show. 

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Pooja Bhatt bagged 3 stars followed by Abhishek Malhan who received 2 stars. The rule was that 2 contestants with the maximum number of stars will compete with each other for the ticket to the finale. 

On Wednesday, a task was introduced by the Bigg Boss in which both Pooja and Abhishek were given fruits at different intervals and other contestants had to offer the fruits to the respective candidate whom they want to see as a finalist. 

The first task was called off because of a physical brawl between Abhishek Malhan and Avinash Sachdev. Given the fact that Pooja was also unwell she chose Jad Hadid as her representative. 

However Abhishek Malhan managed to collect more fruits and won the task. He became the first finalist of the house and the last captain too. 

Pooja Bhatt was pretty disappointed with this and called Abhishek’s strategy and victory unfair. 

Abhishek Malhan aka Fukra Insaan is a very famous youtuber who enjoys a following of over 70 lakh subscribers. Fans are elated to see Abhishek beating Pooja Bhatt and becoming the first finalist to receive the ticket to the finale. 

Talking about Abhishek and Pooja Bhatt’s bond, initially the latter did not like Abhishek but in recent times Pooja Bhatt is seen becoming very friendly with Abhishek Malhan and also giving him advice on how to improve his game. Former contestant Aashika Bhatia also addressed this issue after her eviction and revealed that Pooja Bhatt is playing very smartly.

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