Bihar: BJP Urges Nitish Govt To Implement Uniform Civil Code In The State; “No Need”, Says JD(U)

Days after the Union Home Minister Amit Shah announced his plans to implement Uniform Civil Code in BJP-ruled states, now Sushil Kumar Modi, the senior state BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP has urged the NDA govt of Bihar to implement the Uniform Civil Code in the state, soon after, some BJP MLAs too expressed the need to implement it in Bihar.

This is yet another instance of the deepening chasm between the ruling allies in the state. Though, the JD(U) leaders questioned the “need of it in the state where people have been living peacefully”. Earlier, the leaders of the ruling alliance have crossed swords on the question of caste-based census, special status for Bihar, National Register of Citizens (NRC) and Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

The recent rumour across the state has been that CM Nitish Kumar might be replaced with a BJP leader in Bihar, in lieu of which he would be offered a respectful alternative position at the Centre. “The ambitious plan of BJP, may be, is to contest the next parliamentary and assembly poll in 2024 and 2025 respectively under a BJP Chief Minister,” said political analyst Ajay Kumar.

Though the senior party leaders of both the allies have refuted any such possibility.

“The Opposition parties have been creating such a confusion that Mr. Kumar is likely to be replaced as CM by a BJP leader,” BJP leader Sushil Modi stated.

“Nitish Kumar has been given the mandate to remain the Chief Minister till 2025”, he further added.

At the 164 th Vijayotsva function of freedom fighter Veer Kunwar Singh held at Jagdishpur in Bhojpur, in which the Union HM Amit Shah along with all senior BJP leaders from the state were present, Mr. Sushil Modi welcomed the HM’s announcement to implement UCC in all BJP-ruled states. Soon after, some BJP MLAs of the state too expressed the need to implement it in the state and urged CM Nitish Kumar for its implementation.

“The Constitution of the country has given equal rights to all, so everyone should be equal. It is a good thing to have one law for all,” said Jibesh Kumar Mishra, BJP MLA and minister in Nitish cabinet.

Similarly, revenue minister and BJP MLA Ram Surat Rai said, “Wherever there is BJP government, UCC should be implemented. This is in the interest of the country and we also urge Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to implement it”.

However, Upendra Kushwaha, the parliamentary board chairman of JD(U), has said:

“Everything is going well under the leadership of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Why will the Uniform Civil Code be implemented here as the people of Bihar are living peacefully!” “I don’t think there is any need of it,” Mr Kushwaha quipped. The other JD(U) leaders too echoed the sentiment. But Sushil Modi’s welcoming of Union HM Amit Shah’s recent announcement to implement Uniform Civil Code in all BJP-ruled states has created yet another tussle between BJP and JD(U), like in case of CAA-NRC earlier.

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