Bilal Saeed Confirms Collaborative Track With Sidhu Moosewala! Reveals DETAILS

No doubt the Punjabi Music Industry has always impressed its audience with amazing music and heart-winning beats. It has fascinated us with luxury cars, porch locations, private jets, iPhones and a lot more. But no one can argue that unexpected collaborations between sensational singers still remain the best thing about the Punjabi industry.  And if you also stand by our statement, then you might get excited to know about one such upcoming collaboration. 

This time, it is going to be Bilal Saeed and the late Punjabi superstar Sidhu Moosewala. Yes, the popular Pakistani singer who is widely known for his chartbuster track Baari has officially announced his collaboration with the late Sidhu Moosewala. 

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Bilaal, in his latest live concert, talked about Sidhu Moosewala and revealed that he has an unreleased song ready with Sidhu Moosewala. He also stated that the fans will get to listen to the song in near future by god’s grace. 

He said, “We Did A Song Together, Me And Sidhu, Lekin Oh Gaana Haje Ni Aaya. But Inshallah In Near Future, You Guys Will Be Able To Hear It.” 

And then he also sang a few lines from the song for his live audience. The crowd was seen cheering for Sidhu Moosewala as Bilal talked about the legendary artist.

The news has taken the internet by storm and now everyone has their eyes set on this big announcement. Both Bilal and Sidhu enjoy a massive fan following and getting to groove on their collaborative track is surely going to be bliss for all of us. 

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Let us wait for Bilal to soon roll out more details and an official announcement of this much-awaited collaboration.

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