Who Is Bindass Kavya? Missing Indian YouTuber Found In Itachi

Youtube has been a major source of success and fame for many people. One of those people is gamer Kavya Yadav popularly known as Bindass Kavya. Her youtube streams and videos must have changed the lifestyle of her family. Sadly, Kavya went missing on Friday following an argument with her parents. But the good thing is that the youtuber has been found.

Bindass Kavya Yadav’s family informed about the disappearance of their daughter via a tweet they made from Kavya’s account. In a series of tweets, Kavya’s parents explained how their daughter has been missing since 9th September and the Police complaint has been lodged.


Kavya’s parents  posted a video on her youtube channel addressing the same issue. In the video clip, the youtuber’s parents were seen weeping as her father informed the audience about her going missing. Kavya’s father said she left the house in anger yesterday (9 September 2022) around 2:00 pm, and her whereabouts are still unknown. Both of her parents feared any mishap and showcased their desperation in finding their daughter, Kavya Yadav. 

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In the video the parents said, “Kavya has been missing since yesterday, 9 September, 2:00 pm. She left home in anger and hasn’t returned ever since. She can’t stay away from home for such a long time. (It seems like) Something bad must have (happened). She cannot stay away from us for such a long period.”


Bindass Kavya’s father added, “We are restless as we have been looking for her since yesterday night. No one is helping us, and the police haven’t taken any action as we registered the FIR. We have also contacted the Aurangabad Police Commissioner’s office and checked the CCTV footage, but there’s no lead. However, the police aren’t doing anything. It is we who are looking for her. They (police) haven’t even called us back regarding any update.”


During the video, they also said that they were at Aurangabad’s government hospital looking for their daughter. The BGMI streamer’s parents also requested the fans to look for her as they continued searching for her independently. 

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After searching for a few hours, the missing youtuber has been found. According to her parents, Kavya was heading to their ancestral home in Ayodhya. However, she has been spotted in Itachi. The youtuber’s parents thanked the Aurangabad police and Kavya’s fans for the help.


Kavya Shree Yadav aka Bindass Kavya, is an Aurangabad born YouTuber and social media influencer. Kavya got the limelight with her good gaming skills. She has more than 1.3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel where she posts gaming videos, brief dance and lip-sync videos.

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