BJP MP Varun Gandhi Slams Central Govt Over Bundelkhand Expressway Caved By Rain

BJP MP Varun Gandhi, after questioning his own party BJP-led Central government on the Agnipath scheme recently, has once again questioned the Central govt over the pitiful condition of Bundelkhand Expressway which was recently inaugurated by prime minister Narendra Modi.

In a tweet posted by Varun Gandhi in Hindi, he quoted, “If an expressway built at ₹15,000 crore can’t withstand even 5 days of rain, then serious questions are rise on its quality. The head, chief engineer and responsible companies must be immediately summoned and strict action be taken againt them.”

After 5 days of rainfall, a part of Bundelkhand Expressway at Chhiriya Salempur near Jalaun district was caved and deep potholes were clearly seen on the newly inaugurated highway post rains. Since this happened, the opposition parties have been continuously questioning the BJP government.

Now, with Varun Gandhi jumping in this war of words, against his own party, has once again troubled the BJP. Bundelkhand Expressway was inaugurated by prime minister Narendra Modi on July 16.  This isn’t the first time that Varun Gandhi has questioned his own party government. 

Even in the recent assembly elections, during the time of protests against the farm laws and recently on the issue of Agnipath scheme, BJP MP Varun Gandhi spoke against the party line. It was speculated earlier that he may part his ways from the Saffron party, though that didn’t happen, but due to his frequent questioning against his own party, even the opposition has started slamming the BJP more aggressively.

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