Bohemia Has Surprises In His Next Track With Sidhu Moosewala Releasing Tomorrow

Sidhu Moosewala is ready for one of the most awaited tracks on the album Moosetape, These Days. While fans are already dying to listen to the officially released version, Bohemia has dropped a surprise bomb for the anticipators. 

The song ‘These Days’ had been leaked last year by unknown sources by the title ‘Ajj Kal’ and almost all of his die-hard fans have listened to the leaked version. 

As such, Bohemia has revealed through his Twitter, one day prior to the release of the song, that his rap is not the same as the leaked version. It has been given a renewal. The track is already one of the most awaited ones because it is such an absolute banger, but with Bohemia’s revelation, things are becoming hotter. The fans are already losing their patience to listen to his all-new verse in ‘These Days’. 

These Days is already a banger. Finally, the track that has been one of the most awaited ones of the album since its poster release is going to officially drop with The Kidd on the beat and Bohemia’s all-new verse with Sidhu’s statement-making lyrics, this is going to be one hell of a song!

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