Bohemia Probably Shuts His Music Label Kali Denali Music!

Rapper Bohemia is known as the ‘Creator of Punjabi Rap’ and has been consistent in delivering the best rap songs since the kickstart of his career. Bohemia is the OG in the field of rapping and barely anyone can deny this crystal clear fact. He has been the favorite of many for a long time. 

But the latest update by the artist has left the fans worried and disappointed. Rapper-Songwriter Bohemia aka Raja recently tweeted an unusual update about his popular label, Kali Denali Music. He tweeted a photo of a skull by captioning it as ‘Kali Denali Music 2002 – 2022’, which clearly depicts the end of KDM. 

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The picture of the skull seemingly represents one of Bohemia’s albums, Skull & Bones: The Final Chapter which was released under the label, Kali Denali Music. The photo even has a phrase engraved over it which reads as ‘Memento Mori’. Memento Mori is a latin word which basically means ‘Remember That You Must Die’.

There has been no official reason out by any of the team members of Kali Denali Music yet. Bohemians are guessing that there might be 2 probable reasons for this event. One, that Bohemia has left the music company and second, that he has probably shut the entire company and would start another label soon. People are even somewhere believing that Raja is on the way to retire, but there are very less chances for this rumor to be true.

Later, one of the artists of KDM posted a story on his official IG handle and mentioned whether he and Bohemia should come live and speak regarding the whole issue. ‘Guys Do You Want To Know What This Means? Should Bohemia Paji And I Go Live?’, mentioned the artist in his story. 

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Let us wait until any of the artists open up about the issue. Meanwhile, Bohemia has given many superhit songs in the 20-year long period of the label, Kali Denali Music and if you are a Bohemia fan then we can understand how upset you already are after hearing the news.

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