Bohemia To Debut As An Actor On Silver Screens Soon?

Bohemia has proven himself flawless in rapping and writing without any particular doubt. He has become one of the most respected desi hip-hop artists of the country and is continuing to do so by releasing amazing music on a regular note. But his graph seems to take turns very soon and this time in acting! 

Bohemia, during an interview, talked about his plans on doing movies which forced us to pick the hints of him being an actor in future. Not many people know that Bohemia has appeared on the screens as an actor with his sister, who was a Pakistani TV actor, when he was a child. And when asked if the audience will get to see this talent of him on the screens too then he has got an interesting answer to share. 

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Rapping and writing is what Bohemia is master at. Seeing his virality, he has already got some offers from Netflix and from the Punjabi film industry too, but seems like he is not ready for it. He believes that acting is not that easy and if he is going to do it in future then it would be his own script and under his own production house. 

“I will step into acting with my own stories and scripts & when I sign any film, the audience will surely get to know about that”, said the rapper who finds International-Desi genre as his main interest of writing.

Bohemia has a lot of respect for the actors as he feels it is not easy to portray different kinds of roles on the screen. “I especially respect the actors who act funny and perform comical roles as it is not easy to make people laugh and the ones who do it have an immense amount of talent”, said the artist. 

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Meanwhile, Punjabiyan Di Dhee with Guru Randhawa was the recent track we got to hear from Bohemia which grabbed everyone’s eyeballs and became an instant hit. Looking forward to more such songs from the rapper, and now, of course, to his future acting projects and movies.

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