3 Bold Statements By Charanjit Channi After Being Appointed The Chief Minister Of Punjab

With the resignation of Captain Amarinder Singh from the post of the Chief Minister of Punjab, the whole Punjab was asking one question, “Who will be the new CM?”. It was answered by Congress in the most unexpected way, by appointing Charanjit Singh Channi as the CM of Punjab.

Be it political or social, the move was surely a bold one! Congress being a party of big political faces was pushed into a dilemma of choosing the perfect name for the spot and they decided to write history by the appointment of Charanjit Singh Channi. Soon after his appointment, Charanjit Singh Channi made some bold statements that won over people’s hearts. Political experts may argue on if the statements are right or wrong, but from a common man’s point of view, the statements are simply bold!

Here are 3 bold statements made by Charanjit Singh Channi after his appointment of Chief Minister of Punjab:

  1. “Do not get involved in wheat and grain schemes. Rather educated the poor, poverty will itself be uplifted”

“Aate-Daal De Chakkraan Ch Na Pvo, Greeb De Bcheyaan Nu Pdhaao, Desh Di Greebi Aape Chakki Jaau”

  1. “I don’t need a big army to protect me”

“Mainu Surakheya Layi Kise Vddi Fouj Di Lod Nahi”

  1. “So what if a poor man’s son takes a jet?”

“Greeb Da Munda Jet Te Chdgeya, Kya Takleef Hai?”

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