Popular Animated Cartoon Series Boonie Bears: Guardian Code To Release In Punjabi

Boonie Bears is a Chinese animated movie, originally helmed by Lin Yongchang and Shao Heqi. The movie is very popular among the Chinese people. 

‘Boonie Bears: Guardian Code’ is the ninth part out of the entire series of Boonie Bears. This part became the highest earning film in the Boonie Bear franchise.

The Good news is, the same movie is now being released in Punjabi Language. This is for the first time that any animated movie is being presented in punjabi.

But there’s a twist, the movie will not be released in Punjab but only in North America, in some selected theaters.

Earlier this month the poster of the animated movie was shared by the production house, announcing the news. And now the teaser of the same has also been shared. The movie will be released on 18th August 2023.

The news was shared on the official handle of the production house “Rhythm Boyz Entertainment” and also by popular actor Amrinder Gill.

The movie will be a great treat for all the Punjabis and also for others who love to watch animated shows and films!

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