Brahmastra Movie Review: The Astraverse Of VFX Extravaganza & Good Performances

StarcastRanbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjun, Mouni Roy, Shahrukh Khan
DirectorAyan Mukerji
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We Indians always complain about not having good superhero movies of our own. While watching MCU or DC movies we always think about ‘why Hollywood can and we can’t.’ Well Karan Johar took this seriously and brought us a superhero movie ‘Brahmastra’ that seems to challenge Hollywood in every aspect. Let’s have a look at our Brahmastra: Part One- Shiva review to know what KJo has served us this time.

Ayan Mukerji directorial, Brahmastra: Part One- Shiva is the first part of Brahmastra Trilogy. Produced on a huge budget of ₹410 crores

Brahmastra stars multiple superstars including Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjun, Mouni Roy and others. Movie is released on September 9. Here’s our Brahmastra movie review. Give it a read to know what the movie has to offer & Yes!! It’s Spoiler free!!

Story & Screenplay

Brahmastra’s trailer has already introduced us to the plot of the movie. The entire story revolves around three pieces of Bhramastra taken care of by the ‘Brahmansh group’. There’s a group of people(Astra Holders) with supernatural powers. While one piece of Brahmastra is safeguarded by Anish (Nagarjuna), the second piece will be with scientist Mohan Bhargav ( Shah Rukh Khan). To gain ultimate power by bringing all the three pieces together, the villain’s gang led by Mysterious Queen of Darkness, Junoon (Mouni Roy) keeps on trying despite multiple failures. As the trailer already revealed, Shiva(Ranbir) who himself is the Agni-Astra, goes through an adventure to protect the world from villains. Where is the third piece of Brahmastra and how Shiva and his love story with Isha( Alia Bhatt) is interconnected to the story forms the crucial point of the plot.

Talking about the screenplay, Brahmastra: Part One- Shiva really stands out in this department. No where in the movie you will get bored. However, there’s some scenes which seem irrelevant and could have been trimmed. Yes, the movie also becomes predictable at some points but that can be ignored in order to enjoy the greater picture. 

Acting & Performance

Whoever got the idea to cast Ranbir Kapoor as Shiva in the Brahmastra needs to get a pay raise, even if it’s Karan Johar himself. Ranbir has portrayed the role of Shiva outstandingly. He is definitely gonna win multiple awards in future for this role for sure.

The leading lady of the movie, Alia Bhatt was nowhere behind her husband and co-star Ranbir in the movie. Alia shined in the role of Isha, the love interest of Shiva. This is the first movie of Ranbir and Alia together and they both were brilliant as the lead pair. The chemistry they had on screen leveled up the movie.

Amitabh Bachchan is also outstanding as Guru, the holder of Prabhastra. Nagarjuna as Anish is also good in his role. Shah Rukh Khan was also good in his extended cameo appearance. Mouni Roy tried hard to fit-in as the ferocious evil lady but her performance looked average on the big screen.


Moving on to the direction of the movie in our Brahmastra movie review. Brahmastra: Part One- Shiva is helmed by Ayan Mukerji, who has done a commendable job. From story, and screenplay to managing the talent, he really worked hard, which can be seen in the movie.

Cinematography & VFX

Brahmastra is undoubtedly the best Bollywood ever in terms of VFx. The colorful distinction of different Astras is one of the best things from the movie. Whereas, under the shadow of too much VFx, cinematography of the movie has to suffer. Even with the addition of S.S. Rajamouli in the team, Brahmastra lacks in serving a better cinematography in the movie.

Songs & BGM

Movie’s songs are already trending on the internet due to some bizzare lyrics. Apart from Kesariya by Arijit Singh, no other song is impressive enough. Movie’s background score was on a seesaw, sometimes very good – sometimes very average.


Brahmastra: Part One- Shiva is a very good try by the makers and they actually did a marvellous job. We have written our views about the movie in this Brahmastra movie review and now it’s time to rate the movie. Team Kiddaan rates Brahmastra: Part One- Shiva 4 stars out of 5 for trying something unique while the deduction is due to an average script.

If you like to watch superhero movies, Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva is here for you. Visit the nearest cinema halls and enjoy this adventurous story of India’s own Astraverse…

Haven’t watched the Brahmastra trailer yet, here it is-

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