Breakup in Karan Aujla and Deep Jandu’s friendship?

The headline is shocking for sure for every fan who loved the duo of Deep Jandu and Karan Aujla. They both were like the two spices which can make the dish taste best when mixed together, but now they both have parted their ways. It’s been long, they haven’t been seen together in any picture, story, song, or project which made their fans wait for even more for experiencing them together.

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But if you are their fan, and love the duo, then this news may break your heart. Because it has been noticed recently that Karan Aujla and Deep Jandu have unfollowed each other on Instagram. It definitely looks like they both had some issues with each other which lead to an end of their beautiful and adored friendship. They both shared a bond of friendship for a long, and they were working as a team as well. From talking positive and appreciating each other in their different interviews to unfollowing them on Instagram, their journey has been tragic. And the happening of something which broke their bond is something not great news in any way. 

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Karan Aujla shared a story in which he wrote a few words about friendship, which focused mainly on, “Yaari Ki Hundi A, Saanu Na Sikhaayi”. Also, Deep Jandu shared some lines on fake friendship as the caption of his recent post on Instagram.

Screengrab from Karan Aujla’s Story
Screengrab from Deep Jandu’s Feed

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Social Media is filled with comments like suggesting them to patch up, and this is exactly what we all are looking up to. Let us hope all the misunderstandings or issues they have gets sorted out so that we will be able to celebrate their friendship like forever.

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