British Boxer Kell Brook Tweeted To Support The Indian Farmers

Article By : Gautam

It’s been 65 days since the farmers have been on roads protesting peacefully for the repeal of the three agricultural laws enacted by the central government. Since the protest has taken a gigantic form, many celebrities have come out and tweeted on the event.

Punjabi celebrities have been constantly posting in support of the farmers. Although there has been very little support from bollywood celebrities to the farmers, the issue has fallen on ears of international celebrities.

Ezekiel “Kell” Brook, a british professional boxer, popularly known as “the special one” has tweeted in support of the farmers. Notingly the boxer was ranked as the best active welterweight by “The Ring magazine” in May 2017.  Sharing a picture showing a farmer being brutally handled by the police, the boxer wrote “Stop This Now! #justiceforthekisan “

The media has played a vital role in the ongoing protest, national as well as social. While people blame national media to have been unfair and partial on the issue and bollywood seems to have turned deaf ears on something that has been grabbing international attention, tweets like these help in increasing the reach of the protest. 

There is no doubt that the voice of the farmers have reached the world from the capital city. The battle between farmers and the government has reached a very sensitive point yet the central government is stubborn on its take. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently said that the government’s proposal of suspending the implementation of the laws still stands but the farmer leadership does not accept the offer and has only one demand, repeal of the laws. Will such tweets have any impact on the central government? It is to see.

Article By : Gautam

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