British Columbia Breaks The Record Of Highest Temperature Ever Recorded In Mini Punjab

Canada, known as Mini Punjab, has started walking in its shoes. While people in Punjab are melting with the scorching heat on their heads for the most part of the day, Canadians aren’t very happy with the heat either. 

The current temperatures being recorded in Canada might seem to be very average to us Punjabis, but in reality, they are the highest ever recorded in Canada. 

For the first time in history, Canada recorded a temperature of 45+ degree celsius, when the meters hit 46.6 degree celsius at Lytton, British Columbia. This is the highest recorded temperature ever in Canada. The previous record was also held by Lytton for the hottest day ever in Canada.

The previous record for the highest temperature was held by Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan, with 45 degree celsius.  And now, the record has been broken by Lytton with a record-breaking 46.6 reading.

Sources and weather forecasters also suggest that the deal is not done yet. This is not the highest thermometers are going to hit in BC. The coming temperatures might climb as high as 47 degrees and might even break the record set in Lytton recently. 

Canada is generally known to be a very cold state but Lytton is one of its hottest places. The record-breaking temperatures come following a major heat wave active in British Columbia right now. BC had been breaking the daily records, has now broken the all-time record, and is expected to break this record in the coming days too!

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