Brown Boyz Break Up,Sunny Malton & Bygbyrd Not Together Anymore

Sunny Malton and Bygbyrd from Brown Boyz who were known for their super hit duo are not any more together. Recently Bygbyrd dropped the teaser of his upcoming song ‘iLL Mindz’ on their official Instagram account, and there we noticed Sunny Malton isn’t seen in the video anywhere.

Interestingly Bygbyrd has deleted his old posts on Instagram, which indicates a fresh start.

Meanwhile, Sunny Malton also posted a video on Instagram which clearly hints towards the breakup of this amazing duo.

Before this split, we have already seen the split of Sidhu Moosewala from Brown Boyz, which turned out ugly with blame games. 

Sidhu Moosewala VS Byg Bird & Sunny Malton. Fight turns Ugly!

Reportedly not only Sunny Malton is not included in this upcoming song, but both Sunny Malton and Bygbyrd have unfollowed each other from Instagram too. The reason behind their split is still unknown as nobody has released any statement or reason for the same.

Talking about Bygbyrd’s upcoming song ‘iLL Mindz’, the teaser says it will be releasing soon, which will feature Bygbyrd with Big Boi Deep and Tarna from Brown Boyz.

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