Bullets Fired At Karan Aujla’s Friend’s Ex House In Surrey, Threat Letter Issued Against Aujla

Punjabi singers and their feuds with gangster groups have always been in headlines. It is none other than Karan Aujla who’s fallen prey to it. Armed gangsters openly fired at a house in Surrey and posted the video on tik-tok. It has been widely circulating all over social media. The reason behind the attack is being stated to be the ongoing feud between Karan Aujla & Harry Chatha Group.

The video of the gunshots that is going viral on social media also had a threat to singer Karan Aujla in the Punjabi language. The writer of the threat also claimed his affiliation with the Harry Chatha Gangster Group in India.

The threat note written in Punjabi said, “Till how long will you keep pushing your friends into this, Karan Aujla. We also know your sister’s house and your Fiancée’s boutique but we don’t want to threaten them. We have only made your condition worse in Canada yet, when you’ll visit Europe for your tour, we’ll be waiting for you and our brother Harry Chatha is waiting for you in India. How long will you survive by changing your address?”

Sukhi Garcha owns the house and his family resides in it. He revealed that his whole family was inside the house during the gunfire. His grandmother, Gurdav Kaur, was almost hit by a bullet. Though the gunfire did not cause any harm to the family members, it left many marks on the walls, inside of the house and their vehicles. Windows were left broken by the bullets.


Surrey RCMP Const. Sarbjit Sangha reported that according to the evidence that they’ve gathered, the Garcha family was not the attackers’ intended target. They had moved in the house just 5 months ago and the gangsters’ main target may have been the house’s ex-owner.

Sukhi Garcha also said that the last owner of the house may have been a friend of Karan Aujla and the gangsters would have tried to threaten him but mistook our identity as theirs. 

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