Bulli Bai App Case: What’s The Whole Controversy Around Case Of Muslim Women Being Sold In Auction

The hottest topic all around the country right now is the Bulli Bai App Case. As of now, the app has been blocked by its hosting platform github after multiple complaints of objectionable content found on the application. All of this started on 1 January, 2022, when the app was launched. Photos of various Muslim journalists, social workers, students and famous personalities were allegedly posted on the app with derogatory content. Their photos were even put on the app for “auction”. 

A woman found her picture on the app, that too doctored, and alleged that it was posted in an improper and unacceptable manner with lewd context. On seeing her doctored pictured on she filed a complaint against the application claiming that the website seems to have been designed with the intent of embarrassing and insulting Muslim women.

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She also added that the term ‘Bulli Bai’ seems disrespectful in itself and the content of the app is solely aimed at disrespecting Muslim Women because the term ‘Bulli’ is specifically used for Muslim Women. The case also takes us back to the ‘Sulli Deals’ case in July last year. 

On opening the app, a woman’s face would be randomly displayed as ‘Bulli Bai’ just as in ‘Sulli Deals Case’. Another interesting fact about the app is that Sulli Deals was also hosted by github. Muslim Women, jounalists, celebrities have specially been singled out and their photos uploaded in derogatory manner.

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“GitHub confirmed blocking the user this morning itself. CERT and Police authorities are coordinating further action”. Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) is the nodal agency that deals with cyber security threats. 

An 18-year old was arrested by Mumbai Police from Rudrapur in Udham Singh Nagar district (Uttarakhand). She was labeled as the ‘mastermind’ behind the case. Named Shweta Singh, the accused had just passed her 12th exams. Earlier, a 21-year old engineering student, Vishal Jha was arrested in the case from Bengaluru. On the basis of information provided by him, the Police was successful in reaching Shweta Singh. It has also been reported that the accused in the case created fake ‘Khalistani’ accounts to show that the app was created by Sikhs. “On Dec 31, he changed the names of other accounts to resemble Sikh names. Fake Khalsa account holders were shown,” reported the Police.

Now, a 3rd accused has been arrested by the Mumbai Cyber Crime Police investigating the matter. They arrested a 21-year old BSc Chemistry student at Zakir Hussain College in Delhi University,  Mayank Rawat, from his residence in Pauri Garhwal’s Kotdwar city in Uttarakhand. It has been reported that Mayank’s father is in the Indian Army and posted at Jammu. 

Earlier, Shweta Singh was presumed to be the mastermind behind the case but now another suspect, 

a Nepali national identified only as Giyou, is being alleged to be the mastermind. A Police source told TOI, “Rawat, in his statement, said on December 31, 2021, @giyu@007, during a chat, sent him a link of Github platform and asked him to take as many as screenshots of the ‘Bulli Bai’ app and add to his social media timeline so that they can instigate people and attract more followers.”

While the public has been demanding strict actions against the arrested student and the girl labelled as ‘mastermind’ behind the case, there have been various reactions by top politicians, celebrities and journalists on the case. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it has become a national issue.

Here are some of the top statements that have been linked to the Bulli Bai App Case:

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