Bunty Bains Announces Next Track ‘Closure’ Featuring Him And Jaanvir Kaur

Bunty Bains Announces Next Track ‘Closure’ Featuring Him And Jaanvir Kaur

The latest Punjabi track to be announced is ‘Closure’. Bunty Bains made the song announcement through his social media. The song will be released through Brand B music label on 22 September, 2021. Bunty Bains uploaded an Instagram post to reveal the details of the song.

The song will be sung by singer Amninder Bugga. Amanpreet Kaur Bains has produced the song. Chet Singh, renowned music producer of the industry, has given his music to Amninder’s voice in Closure. Shoeb Siddiqui has directed the video of the song.

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Talking about the video, it will star Bunty Bains, who has also written and composed the song, along with Jaanvir Kaur on the screen. It will be Jaanvir Kaur’s debut as an actress in a Punjabi music video. 

In the official announcement post of the song, Bunty Bains, the lyricist and the composer of the song, who will also star as the lead actor in the music video, revealed the plot of the song. ‘Closure’ is going to be a story of a boy and a girl distanced. It will appear before the audience on 22 September.


Bunty Bains is one of the biggest names in the Punjabi Music Industry. In addition to being one of the biggest, he is also one of the most talented artists of the Punjabi Music Industry. Writing, Composing, Acting, Producing and much more, this guy can literally do anything. He also has a reputation of launching new artists in the industry to his name. 

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He has introduced many artists in the industry, who have then gone to become big names in the industry and rule over people’s hearts. We hope Closure is a song that reaches the audience’s hearts on 22 September. 

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