Bunty Bains To Launch The First Ever Female Music Producer In Punjabi Music Industry, Harnaz Virk

Bunty Bains has announced the launch of the first-ever female music producer in the Punjabi music industry. According to Bunty, Harnaz Virk is a magnificent talent with exquisite taste in music. This is a proud step for Bunty Bains as well as the Punjabi Music Industry towards women empowerment.

She is all set to mark her debut as a music producer in a mainstream song. On 3rd July, the official song titled ‘Number’ by Jassi Virk will be released, which will mark Harnaz Kaur’s debut in the industry.

Jassi Virk has lent his vocals to the song and Honey Virk is the music video director. Preet Guree is featured as the lyricist of the song. Bunty Bains will launch the song ‘Number’ as well as Harnaz Kaur, the first ever female music producer in the industry.


Bunty Bains has always been known for launching artists and taking revolutionary steps in the industry. This is another move by him taking the industry a step ahead in the field of Women Empowerment.

On 3rd of July, Punjabi music fans will listen to the beats produced by a female producer for the first time! Can you be more excited than this being a Punjabi Music Die-Hard Fan?

We wish Harnaz Kaur all the success in her career! Your future is as bright as your talent! 

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