Burberry Music Video Review: Sidhu Moosewala Is Back With An Official Music Video

Nothing in the world can seize a thunderstorm and when it comes to Punjabi music industry, who is the first artist that comes to your mind when we say ‘thunderstorm’. Love him or hate him, Sidhu Moosewala is the thunderstorm of the Punjabi music. After months of silence, Sidhu is finally back and the Moosetape season is on. 

On 20 May, Sidhu released the official music video of the second track on the album, Burberry. The song’s audio version had already come out on 17 May. Not considering the Bonus track, this is the first time we have seen Sidhu in an official music video after ‘Bai Bai’, almost 6 months ago. 

The music video of Burberry has been done by Teji Sandhu and it is a masterpiece. Teji has been able to keep up with the standards fans expected from a Moosetape track. The video looks extravagant and the quality is something everyone in the industry would crave for. 

Sidhu’s Dark outfits in the whole video have been a show-stealer, and when the big man walks in with the Red-Navy hoodie at the last, it is simply epic. 

The director has made use of heavy graffiti for giving the video a rather colorful look, contradictory to the attire of people in the video. 

The eagle view shot wherein Sidhu sits like a king on the sofa is sure to impress videography admirers. The video is simply ‘Gangsta Shit’ with people in the background wearing robbery masks, with guns, cars and a Ktm. What more do you need to make a Gangsta video? 

Even the use of a monochrome theme shift from the colorful one has been slick. The video transitions have been as smooth as Sidhu’s flex. Once again the music video shows that Sidhu Moosewala is not going to compromise with the quality of MooseTape this time and that he is a total flex. 

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