Damaging Government Property Is A New Trend? Video Of Bursting Electric Meter With Firecrackers Goes Viral From Punjab

Diwali is celebrated in India with a full bang. Exchanging gifts, eating delicacies and bursting crackers is all we want on this auspicious day of Diwali. 

This year, the AQI levels weren’t healthy which is why the crackers were banned in India. While in some states they were completely banned, in some they were still allowed. In some states like Delhi, crackers weren’t allowed at all but in other states they were only allowed for a specified period. 

In light of this, a video has went viral from Jalalabad where  a man can be seen putting a firecracker inside an electric meter box. After that he runs away from the scene and captures the whole incident. 

Netizens and Instagram users are Condemning his act as damaging the public properly.

Is not an option. The man by putting a firecracker inside an electrical meter harmed the government property which is why a strict legal action must be initiated against him. 

Damaging government properties have become a trend now which is highly condemnable. Festivities are to be celebrated in harmony and with utmost caution. So from next time, if you see someone damaging a government property, make sure to educate them about the legal liabilities.

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