Byg Byrd Thanked The Anonymous Who Put Fake Views On His Latest Song ‘All About Me’

Punjabi Music Industry has always been wrapped in different controversies. Every now and then, artists intentionally or unintentionally, artists get into controversies. And recently also something exactly like this has happened with Byg Byrd and Shakur Da Brar. 

The duo released their latest song ‘All About Me’ which has already crossed more than 3 million views in less than 5 hours. The song also gained 362k i.e. 362 thousand views instantly within a minute of its release. And this is quite unusual. 

The fans and everyone has noticed it, and is talking about it. But Sunny Malton took it to his Instagram account and shared a story about it. He slammed Byg Byrd for using fake views and wrote, ‘It’s a shame to see byrd join circus of fake views. Y’all selling yoir soul for fame.’

In another story he took the slamming to next level as he shared something unexpected. Sharing a picture of medical melatonin drug he wrote,

“If you buy fake views, I know you take this before bed.”

To this, Byg Byrd replied in his Instagram stpry and made it clear that he didn’t buy any fake views for his recent video. And he also thanked the anonymous who did that.

Byg Byrd wrote,

“Whoever you are (our mystery fake view giver), god bless you. Please make sure to give us the same views for our next upcoming videos too.”

In another story, Byg Byrd thanked the anonymous once again for helping them save money.

We all have witnessed that maximum controversies about the songs rise up when the song gets leaked. But this time it’s something which wasn’t expected and surprising too. It’s also confusing to think about who could have added fake views to Byg Byrd’s latest song and what could be the reason behind this. 

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