Call Of Duty : Warzone Bans Over 50,000 Cheaters After Streamers Complained

Call Of Duty : Warzone Bans Over 50,000 Cheaters After Streamers Complained

The Online Battle Royale Gaming world is currently owned by Activision’s Call of Duty : Warzone. Since its release in March 2020, the game has taken over PC and console gaming by storm. It is a free-to-play online battle royale first-person shooter (FPS) and is played by many popular Youtube, twitch and other streamers and competitive players.

But lately, many streamers and players playing the game had reported that the game was getting way too many cheaters and it was becoming impossible for legitimate players to enjoy the game. 

Many big streamers had even announced quitting the game and shifting to other competitive games. But the makers of the game have listened to the public demand and have brought in a wave by banning 50,000 accounts identified by them as cheaters to revive the game.

Raven Software, the developer of the game, tweeted that the Activision’s hit on the cheaters with the ban is an attempt by them to reestablish the player’s confidence in the game’s anti-cheat system and the company’s effort to protect and promote legitimate gamers and gaming.

There have been a number of ban waves by the makers of the game and so far over 265000 cheaters have been banned from the game. Public announcements of ban waves as big as 70000, 20000, 60000, 15000 and now 50000 have been made since the game’s launch. It also claims that cheaters are banned regularly and the announcements are only made when a big ban wave is brought, otherwise the company tries everyday to strengthen its anti-cheat system and help actual gamers.

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