Can Punjabi Eminem Harry Rolcye Compete With The Rap God Eminem?

American rapper Marshall Meathers, popularly known by his stage name Eminem, is considered to be one of the greatest rappers to ever set a foot on the planet. His greatness is clear by the fact that the guy is called “Rap God”. The song “Rap God” came out in 2013, and Eminem created a world record for most syllables per second. Then the rapper again went on to prove himself by re-bagging the title of the fastest rap ever, through his Godzilla, released in 2020. The rapper has won 15 Grammy awards in his career.

Are you already impressed with Eminem? Does his trophy cabinet amaze you? Then probably you aren’t ready for what is next. The Rap God is probably not the only God sitting up there. He finally has competition.

Have you heard the song “Mexico Koka” by Punjabi singer-rapper-songwriter Karan Aujla? A normal man would need an oxygen cylinder to sing the rap in one go. Describing his love and plans he has for his girlfriend, Karan falls so deep in his emotions that he forgets to breathe while rapping. But, wait? You think it’s Karan Aujla we are referring to as the “Rap God”? No, no Karan is probably not the God yet, he is very near, just not there yet. But it’s Karan 1.5x we are calling the Rap God. You haven’t seen 1.5x Karan Aujla? 

Harry Rolcye (Harnoor Singh) is an extremely talented artist. Take a look at his Instagram profile to see what the guy’s got. The man has also sung the rap at 1.25x. But he says it wasn’t enough! Really? Mexico Koka at normal speed already makes people check their playback speed if it’s at 1x. The guy took it too far. 1.25x and then 1.5x. Are you already blown? Do you already feel your respiratory system isn’t good enough?. On fan’s demand (Why did you guys demand this, I already can’t get over the 1.5x version), Harry has gone nuts by bringing in the 1.75x version. Yes, he finally beats light in a 100-meter dash.

Watch video here:

We don’t recommend people with breathing problems to watch even the 1.25x version (Sorry Harry for taking down some of your views, but your fans’ health is our priority). The previous videos of him are already too much to digest, and now this?. You thought we were joking about Rap God, Eminem, having a competition. What do you think now?

Other than this, watch his singing video and you will say this guy is wow…

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