Can You Believe That Diljit Dosanjh Doesn’t Have Any Stylist? Then Who Styles Him?

Can You Believe That Diljit Dosanjh Doesn't Have Any Stylist? Then Who Styles Him?

Who doesn’t admire the fashion sense that Diljit Dosanjh carries? Undeniably everybody. His wardrobe is full of expensive and fashionable stuff. Not only in reel life but he can also be seen wearing trendy outfits in real life too. How does he maintain to look so fine every time and how does he push the sartorial margins? Who is the person behind his fascinating looks? All these just have a simple answer, It is Diljit Dosanjh himself. 

While most Pollywood stars have some people to style them for their public appearances, Diljit says that he doesn’t have any stylist and he is the only man behind his looks that make fashion headlines every other day. ‘The way I think is very different, I haven’t found anyone that lines up with my thoughts. I tried 3-4 stylists but it never worked out’. This is why he chose to style himself. Now the curiosity arises, who inspires him to put his elegant looks together? It is Instagram and other social media platforms where he explores different fashion styles and gets himself influenced by them. 

Did You Know Diljit Dosanjh’s ‘Vibe’ Was Never A Part Of His Album

Diljit’s fashion evolution can be overlooked on his Instagram where he regularly uploads pictures of branded and expensive clothes carried by him. Diljit Dosanjh is a brand factory and has almost every brand in his closet. From Gucci, LV, Adidas to Fila, he has a huge stock of attires and what stands out among these is his way of carrying them. It is what mainly impresses us. His ultra-modern turbaned looks creates a whole different vibe in the fashion industry and is surely something to look up at. 

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