Canada Extends Ban An Direct Flights From India. Read To Know Why

Canada Extends Ban An Direct Flights From India. Read To Know Why

Recently, several countries including the USA, UK, and the UAE among others have decided to open their borders for travellers from India. But for the fifth consecutive time since April, Canada has once again extended Covid-related travel ban on direct commercial and private passenger flights from India. Earlier in April, the travel ban was imposed owing to the deadly second wave of coronavirus. So, now why has Canada extended the travel ban on flights from India yet again. Scroll down and read the details.

According to the reports, Transport Canada said the decision to extend the travel ban was based “on the latest public health advice from the Public Health Agency of Canada”.

Students from India, who have secured admissions to Canadian schools and universities, will be most affected due to this judgment. Now owing to the latest development, they will have to fly to Canada via an “indirect route.”

It means, while direct flights are banned, Canada is allowing Indian travellers to enter its borders through an indirect route. However, the condition is that anyone entering Canada by travelling through a third country must have a Covid-19 molecular test done from a country other than India before continuing their journey to Canada. 

Besides, Canada’s transport department said that its government begins again to closely monitor the epidemiological situation, and will be working closely with the Government of India and aviation operators to assure proper procedures are put in place to enable a safe return of direct flights as soon as conditions permit.

Though, Canada has opened its border for the United States which is reporting new Covid cases crossing 100,000.

Moreover, European countries such as Germany, France and Spain have also opened up their borders for Indian travellers.

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