Canada: Investigation Started Into China’s “Police Service Stations” In Toronto!

Few days back, when the report on Chinese “Police service stations” in Canada went viral, a lot of questions were raised. Though China defended itself, adding that those are just “service stations” for helping its citizens living abroad, but the answer doesn’t seem convincing. Moreover, the Canadian Mounted Police have now announced that it has launched a probe into the matter.

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Notably, the People’s Republic of China is thought to be behind unregistered “police service stations” in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), which is looking into reports of probable foreign actor intervention. Moreover, an investigation has been initiated now! 

Additionally, the RCMP stressed that interference by foreign actor is seen as a threat to Canada’s national security because it permits overt interference in the nation’s internal affairs. China’s “undeclared” police service stations are believed to be operated on behalf of People’s Republic of China in GTA (Greater Toronto Area). The authorities even urged the citizens of Canada to inform them incase they are aware of any illegal or threatening activity by China. 

Earlier, China denied claims of the establishment of overseas “police stations” in other countries, claiming that such facilities just let Chinese citizens access the local online service infrastructure in those countries. Moreover, the country claimed that those are not the “police stations” but service platforms to help its citizens living in Canada and other countries.

“They help Chinese nationals living abroad access the online service platform so they can renew their driving licences and get physicals for those purposes. The locations are provided by nearby overseas Chinese communities that want to help, and all of the volunteers who work on those sites are from these communities,” said the Chinese foreign ministry in a statement. 

However, now the Canadian Royal Mounted Police (RCMP) stated that it is looking into “all criminality” connected to such activities and is aware of the most recent reports that China is targeting Chinese expatriates in Canada. “Our major focus is to prevent any kind of threats and harrassment on behalf of any foreign entity applied to any community in Canada,” said RCMP.

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