Canada’s Most Dangerous Cities Are Ranked: Vancouver Not On The Top!!!

Canada is usually considered as a safe nation, however, there are several regions and areas with a high crime rate. Furthermore, as per the list of ranking of the most dangerous cities in Canada, the results are contrary to what everyone had been expecting. 

Reportedly, Numbeo, a global statistics database, lists seven Canadian cities as being in the top 100 most dangerous cities in the world. Each area’s “Crime Index,” an evaluation of the total level of crime over the last 36 months, is taken into account while determining the ranking.

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Moreover, those with scores between 20 and 40 are kept in the category of cities having low levels of crime, similarly, areas with scores under 20 are considered to have very low rates of crime. However, the cities with crime rate in the range of 60-80, are considered to have high crime rates. Likewise, those having score above 80, are determined as most dangerous cities. 

Surprisingly, in Canada, Vancouver is not the most dangerous city. As per the data, Surrey, B. C., topped the list with a score of 63/100, being labelled as the city with highest crime rate. Subsequently, the data from Numbeo, which is based on the opinions of website users, indicates that Surrey has “very high” levels of drug use, and “high level” of car break-ins, and violent crimes.

Likewise, Lethbridge (Alberta), Sudbury (Ontario), Kelowna (B.C.) and Red Deer (Alberta) are the top five most dangerous cities in Canada. Reportedly, these cities have a score of more than 60 in terms of crime index, while less than 40 in case of safety index. 

Globally, Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, is regarded as the most dangerous city in the world, followed by the South African cities of Pretoria, Durban, and Johannesburg. Reportedly, these areas have extremely low safety scores (even less than 19), and a very high crime index.

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