Canadian MP Jagmeet Singh Appealed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau To Condemn The Indian Government’s Violence

The member of Parliament of Canada Jagmeet Singh showed his support for the Indian Farmers protesting against the government’s Farm Bills. He shared his video on his twitter handle in which he talked about how the Indian farmers are protesting because the Indian Government has privatised the farming.

He said, “Farmers across India have gathered in one of the largest protests in history. They are fighting back against laws which have privatised farming, making it harder for them to earn a living. While defending their rights and peacefully protesting, these farmers are also organising to give back to the local community, free kitchen, free education, menstruation products and other services to support those in need. This beautiful showcase of solidarity is the hallmark of this peaceful protest. I call on leaders across the world to denounce the Indian Government’s violence response to these peaceful protesters, and I stand in solidarity with farmers demanding justice and fairness.”

And in the caption to his video, Jagmeet wrote,

I am deeply concerned about the violence against farmers in India

Those calling to harm farmers must be held accountable and the right to peaceful protest must be protected

I am calling on Justin Trudeau to condemn the violence, immediately

Join me:

The amount of International support this protest is getting makes it one of the peaceful yet the largest and most strong protests in the history of the world.

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