Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Hit By Anti-Vaxxer Mobs During The Campaign

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Hit By Anti-Vaxxer Mobs During The Campaign

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was hit by little rocks on Monday night as a crowd of protesters gathered around his campaign bus after an event in London, Ontario which is about 120 miles southwest of Toronto. 

On Monday, Trudeau told reporters that his shoulder “might have” been hit by “little bits of gravel,” further adding, “It’s no big deal.” 

Not only this, after a group of demonstrators, determined to be a safety risk, prompted Trudeau to cancel a campaign event last week, he said “we all had a difficult year,” including “those folks out protesting,” and “we need to meet that anger with compassion.” 

On Monday, before the rock-throwing incident, he said he won’t back down before the “small finger element in this country that is angry, that doesn’t believe in science, that is lashing out with racist, misogynistic attacks.” 

“Canadians, the vast majority of Canadians are not represented by them,” Trudeau added, and they won’t allow “those anti-vaxxer mobs to dictate how this country gets through this pandemic.”

There’s a video posted on Twitter, which shows Trudeau’s London campaign who is pursuing re-election and moving through a screaming crowd of what they called “anti-vaxxer mobs” towards the Liberals’ campaign bus and then someone throws small pebbles in his direction. The gravel sprayed around Trudeau and those close to him, though the clip doesn’t clearly show if the rocks hit the Liberal leader. 

When asked about the incident, he further added, “It’s easy to say something and stand for something that everyone believes in. It’s harder to stand for something you believe in when you know you’re going to be insulted and degraded in the worst possible terms for it. And yet that’s not just who Liberals are, that’s who Canadians are.”

“Canadians, I mean the stereotype is that we’re polite and we’re friendly, and we are. We’re also made of steel. We also stand up strongly and clearly for what we know to be true,” Added Justin.

About this happening, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole on Tuesday called the gravel-throwing “completely unacceptable” and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh described those responsible as “troubled people.”

In late August, Trudeau had to cancel a campaign event in Bolton, Ontario, after dozens of anti-vaccine and anti-lockdown protesters rallied and shouted obscenities for hours. A photo taken by Reuters’ photographer Carlos Osorio in Brantford Monday shows Trudeau giving the thumbs up to a crowd as someone gives him the finger. 

Trudeau said he was giving the thumbs up to a man showing him the peace sign who was “standing between two people who were practically foaming at the mouth; they were so mad at me.”

Trudeau correlated the behaviour of the anti-vax mobs to those who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. 

“We see the slide towards some of the divisiveness we’ve been shocked and appalled at from the United States over the past while, as we see little pockets of people lashing out in ways that remind us of horrific events like the storming of the Capitol,” he says.

Trudeau wants to keep people safe without developing more distance between politicians and members of the public.

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