8 Canadian Punjabis Who Made The Community Proud

Punjabis are undoubtedly the pride of the nation because of their courage to stand for the country. They have always stood up to make the world a better place and leave an impression wherever they go. Punjabis have been making their dignity felt in the world by excelling in their fields on a global scale. And as mostly Punjabis lived in Canada, let’s know about the Indo-Canadian who made the community proud.  

List Of Canadians Punjabi Who Brought Laurels To Their Country & Community

Five Sikh Men

A video of the rescue has gone viral on social media where the five Sikh men Ajay Kumar, Arvindjeet Singh, Gagandeep Singh, Kuljinder Singh and Gurpreet Singh are seen throwing a rope, fashioned out of their turbans, towards the man who had fallen into the pool. 

The man who had slipped into the freezing waters at Golden Ears Provincial Park in Canada’s British Columbia was unable to get out.

Further, after showing their bravery and quick thinking, which saved the lives of two hikers, they were honored with special recommendations by Royal Canadian Maple Police (RCMP). 

Sukhman Gill 

Sukhman Gill, the first ever sikh man to be featured in an International brand commercial, is Harry Rosen. It is an Iconic Canadian retailer which has launched an industry first in men’s luxury grooming with a curated offering of essentials for hair, face and body. 

Sukhman is an actor who lives in Toronto, Canada and was featured in many international products too.

Buckam Singh 

Buckam Singh was the Canadian first Sikh Soldier who served Canada during the first World War. He is believed to be one of the earliest Sikhs to ever reside on the land of Canada. He has his grave in Kitchener, Ontario, which is the only known WWI Sikh Canadian Soldier’s military grave in Canada.

Also, The Newest Elementary School named after Private Buckam Singh also has his photo in the official logo of the school.

Amarjeet Sohi

Amarjeet Sohi was a former city councilor and federal Liberal cabinet minister who became Edmonton’s first mayor of South Asian origin. He is serving as the 36th and current mayor of Edmonton since 26 October, 2021. Moreover, he’s one of Canada’s first mayors of Punjabi descent.

Amarjeet Sohi

Jyoti Gondek 

Prabhjot Kaur who is known as Jyoti Gondek is a Canadian politician serving as the 37th and current mayor of Calgary since 25 October, 2021. She was elected as the first female mayor of Punjabi descent. 

Speaking of her personal life, Gondek was born in London, England. Moreover, she is the daughter of Punjabi parents and immigrated to Canada at the age of four.

Jyoti Gondek 

Bob Nagra

The first turbaned police officer to join the Peel Police Canada, Bob Nagra has made his community proud. He has been serving the international community for decades and is also  highly encouraged to raise donations and food for various food banks in the region.

And due to his positive work, he was awarded as Brampton Citizen of the year. Also, for his duty, he received the Seva Founders Award in 2019 arising from his relentless efforts. 

Palbinder Kaur

British Columbia Supreme Court judge of Indian-origin Parbinder Kaur Shergill has become first turbaned Sikh woman Supreme Court judge of Canada. Also, Kaur Known as a prominent human rights lawyer in Canada.

She has represented the interests of the Canadian Sikh community in several cases heard by the Canada apex court, including the one dealing with the right of Sikh students to wear the kirpan (ceremonial dagger) in schools. She is married and a mother of three children, including a daughter and twin sons. 

Palbinder Kaur

Jagmeet Singh 

Jagmeet Singh is a Politician who has been serving as the leader of National Democratic Party (NDP) since 2017. Also, he was recognised by the World Sikh Organisation of Canada in their 2012 list of honourees for being the first turbaned Sikh MPP in Ontario.

Singh began his career as a criminal defence lawyer. And since then he has been serving the community.

Jagmeet Singh 

Hence, these men and women may not live in India but they sure do make our hearts swell with pride at the milestones they have achieved. 

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