Canadian Singer Nav, Mimics Sharry Maan’s Video Of Funny Encounter With Fans

A few years ago, a video of Sharry Maan with his funny encounter with some fans went viral. In the video, Sharry was waiting in a car at the traffic signal when two boys from their car expressed their love and craze for Sharry’s videos and music.

The boys in their British accent were appreciating Sharry’s work and songs, to which Sharry replied in a rather funny manner. He tried mimicking The accent of those boys and thanked them for their love and encouragement. Fans shocked by Sharry’s reaction and reply decided to make the video viral on social media. 

Mimicking this same viral video, Navraj Singh Goraya (Nav) creates a similar video where a group of three fans with the same British accent appreciate and acknowledge his work and Nav mimicking Sharry, replies to them in a similar manner. 

Creating his own version of this funny video, Nav uploads a story on Instagram which is highly appreciated and found hilarious by the fans. He first uploaded Sharry Maan’s reaction and then uploaded his version of the recreation. 

Check out Sharry’s reaction here:

Nav’s version:

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