Canadian Student Removed Tarsem Jassar’s Song ‘Look’ from Youtube

Tarsem Jassar Look Song Removed

This is the current breaking news from the Punjabi Industry that the superhit song Look sung by Tarsem Jassar has been permanently removed from YouTube. As per reports it’s confirmed that it was a case of copyright and betrayal. A Canadian student named Jass Gill originally uploaded his song on his YouTube channel which had the music which was later used in the song ‘Look’.

Jass Gill is a Canadian student, who is trying to create good songs to release. According to Jass, he didn’t have enough assets to make the songs at the time when he released the audio of the song on his Youtube Channel. Click here to check that song

But recently he got to know that the music from his song was officially used by Vehli Janta Records in their song ‘Look’ which was leaked by music producer Hiten. He was the guy who first gave the music to Jass Gill and later collaborated with Tarsem Jassar. Hiten was given proper credits in the description of the official Look song on YouTube, but all this was done without any prior notice or information to Jass Gill.

When he tried to contact Hiten and talk about this, he was told it happened because he didn’t clear the payments and was unable to release the song officially.

Hence Jass decided to put a copyright strike on the officially released ‘Look’ song by Tarsem Jassar, which lead to YouTube take down the song.

There have been no comments made by Tarsem Jassar and Velhi Janta Records yet about this. But Team Kiddaan will soon reach out to them and confirst their side of the story. If there will be any more perspectives to this, we will update you with the same.

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