Top 12 Canadian YouTubers For Immigration News & Lifestyle

Various Punjabi Canadian Youtubers help Most of the Punjabi’s dream of moving to Canada for better educational, employment and settlement opportunities. And a large number of these shifters account to students, moving to Canada either for higher studies or Graduation. As such, it becomes important to understand what it is like to live in Canada before actually making the decision. Several bogus agencies have been set up today that trap people by giving them hopes and fake promises of settling them in Canada, only for their money greed. Meanwhile, there are various Canadian YouTubers trying to help such people out. Many of them make vlogs, to give an insight in the Canadian lifestyle while many guide people in the paperwork and legal formalities. Let’s recognize some of these Punjabi Canadian YouTubers :

List Of Best Canadian YouTube Channels For Immigration News & Lifestyle

1. Punjabi Vlogger (590k Subscribers)

Maninder Singh a.k.a. Punjabi Vlogger is a Canada-based Punjabi vlogger, as the name suggests. The vlogger is quite popular among Punjabis seeking settlement in Canada. His videos give a glimpse of how life is in Canada for a student. His vlogs with friends and his cute family are irresistible and extremely fun to watch. Along with entertainment, he guides students about various courses and lifestyles in Canada.

2. CAD VISA (444k Subscribers)

An important factor to making the move to Canada is employment opportunities. For students working in Canada, a work permit is required that allows the students to get employed and start earning. Getting a job requires the perfect resume and that is what CAD VISA specializes in. This team of professional writers guides students towards the perfect resume to get a job. Apart from Canada, they also focus on various other countries like Australia.

3. Canada Couple (274k Subscribers)

Getting the Permanent Residency (PR) of Canada is a dream of many people. This Canadian couple moved to Canada in 2018 with the Permanent Residency. They guide people aspiring to acquire Canadian PR through their personal experience and knowledge. According to them, they created the channel to prevent others from making the mistakes they did. The couple also run a vlog channel called Canadian Couple vlogs. 

4. G Singh Vlogs (159k Subscribers)

Gurpal Singh runs the youtube channel Gsingh vlogs with over 1,59,000 Subscribers. He updates the public about various decisions taken by the Canadian authorities regarding immigrants, visas, jobs and flights. He also guides students and workers in their paperwork, how to make various legal documents and maintain them. Many of his videos also focus on Visa related updates for countries like Italy, Turkey, etc.

5. Sahil Raj Narula (138k Subscribers)

The youtube channel was recently renamed, earlier it was called SRN Academy. The Academy was founded by Dr. Sahil Raj Narula in Ludhiana, Punjab. For educating students in their educational careers. Sahil is a Master of Medical Biotechnology in Canada. Taking notes from his personal experience and mistakes, he guides students about how to attempt their IELTS exam, how to choose the perfect course for themselves and various Visa and PR-related problems.

6. Prabh Korwa (109k Subscribers)

Prabh is a Punjabi student in Canada. His content is quite different from the rest. While the channel also gives an insight as to how it is to be a Punjabi in Canada, it also shares information about various job opportunities in the country. His vlogs are a treat to watch. The beautiful Canadian locations are sure to make you restless to go to Canada. A side note: He also reviews various cars. Car lovers should surely check him out.

7. Fantom Singh Canada (85.5k Subscribers)

Amanjot Dhanjjal moved to Canada in 2017 on a study visa to pursue his post-graduation diploma in Canada. He shares all that his experience in Canada has taught him. The channel focuses mostly on educational and informative videos but also posts various Canadian vlogs. He also posts updates about international students, work permit holders and even for permanent residents or citizens of Canada.

8. Punjabi Videsh News (28.6k Subscribers)

Though the subscriber count of the channel might not account to lakhs but they do their job perfectly. As the name suggests, Punjabi Videshi News is a YouTube channel providing its viewers with the latest news updates about Canada. Steps taken by the Canadian government, PR programs, news regarding various provinces of the country is its major content.

9. The Struggler Things (12.2k Subscribers)

The channel is run by Parminder Singh Chauhan. A Punjabi student in Canada, Parminder lives in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. His videos focus on social issues and updates. He offers a viewpoint on various social issues in his videos. Talking about the Canadian lifestyle, the Punjabi YouTuber also highlights the struggle days an international-students have to face in Canada. 

10. Peekapoo (70.2k Subscribers)

The channel gives a peek into the life of the creator while showing her lifestyle in a close up. The channel Peek-a-poo is run by Pooja and is a Peek into the life of Pooja. Pooja also makes videos about fashion. She loves to travel and you will also come across various travel vlogs on her channel. 

11. Amreta Roopani (58.2k Subscribers)

Another vlog channel on the list. Amreta Roopani also helps in providing immigration procedure-related knowledge to its viewers and combines it with her lifestyle-related content. She posts videos about fashion, travel, shopping, cooking and even celebrations. But the best content on her channel is her cute videos with her family that are just impossible to ignore.

12. Jake & Demi (52.9k Subscribers)

Jake & Demi is not a channel helping people out there by providing them information, it is also a way for the creators to set them free and spread their wings to take flight into the sky. The creators believe that life should not only be confined to a 9 to 5 job. There is only one life, why not take risks and live it to the fullest and this channel is helping them in building their dream life.

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