Carry On Jatta 3 Review: Blockbuster Drama Filled With Rib-Tickling Hilarious Elements

Carry On Jatta 3 Movie Review
Star CastGippy Grewal, Sonam Bajwa, Binnu Dhillon, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Jaswinder Bhalla, Kavita Kaushik, Karamjit Anmol, Nasir Chinyoti, Harby Sangha, Shinda Grewal
DirectorSmeep Kang
Kiddaan Rating

Punjabi cinema is known for its comic diversity and since the past decade the franchise that entertained the Punjabis the most is Carry On Jatta. The iconic franchise is back again with the third installment of Carry On Jatta. Carry On Jatta 3 has been released in the cinemas and we have watched it for the first go. Thus, we have penned this Carry On Jatta 3 review to guide you about what this movie has to offer to its fans.

Hailed as the biggest Punjabi movie of the year, Carry On Jatta 3 has a stellar star cast that includes Gippy Grewal, Sonam Bajwa, Binnu Dhillon, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Jaswinder Bhalla, Kavita Kaushik, Karamjit Anmol, Nasir Chinyoti, Harby Sangha, Shinda Grewal and BN Sharma. Movie is directed by Smeep Kang. Fans have been very excited for this film since the day it was announced. Now the question arises: does this film justify its hype? Read this Carry On Jatta 3 movie review to know the answers.


Carry On Jatta 3 Movie Review

Let’s begin our Carry On Jatta 3 movie review by discussing the story of the movie. Story of Carry On Jatta 3 revolves around Jass (Gippy Grewal) who falls in love with Meet (Sonam Bajwa) at a wedding. Jass with his two friends Honey (Gurpreet Ghuggi) and Goldy (Binnu Dhillon) tries some idiotic tricks to impress Meet. Eventually, Meet also falls for Jass but now the biggest challenge for both is to convince their families. In this journey they create some drama. How that drama creates chaos is what this film is all about.

Acting & Performances

Carry On Jatta 3 Movie Review

Now talking about the performances in the movie. Starting with the main man Gippy Grewal, who is terrific as always. Gippy has once again brought his ‘A’ game to the table. His energy, charm and comic timing is a treat to watch on the big screen.

Sonam Bajwa, the beautiful Punjabi diva is on a mission we can say. She is delivering ace after ace in every movie. Sonam fits perfectly in the role of Meet in the film.

Binnu Dhillon is the heart of the Carry On Jatta franchise. Binnu’s comic timing and expression are just too good to be good. For us Binnu Dhillon was the show stealer of this film.

Gurpreet Ghuggi has once again proved why he is rated so high. His realistic approach to the character makes a unique difference in the film. He completely owns the character of Honey in the film.

We are in awe of Jaswinder Bhalla and Karamjit Anmol. We often talk about the actor-actress pair but this Bhalla-Anmol duo is beyond outstanding.

Apart from these actors, Kavita Kaushik, Nasir Chinyoti, Harby Sangha, Rupinder Rupi, Shinda Grewal & Naresh Kathooria have also played decent roles in the film.

Writing & Direction

Carry On Jatta 3 Movie Review

Now if we talk about the direction of the film then there’s barely any complaint from us. Fans were waiting whether Carry On Jatta 3 would live up to the expectations and Smeep Kang has not disappointed us at all. Whether it’s giving ideal screen time to actors, managing a stellar star cast or dealing with a screenplay without stealing its humor part, Smeep has pulled every task outstandingly.

Movie is written beautifully and hilariously. However, the movie seems a little long at times but you won’t feel bored anywhere in the movie.

Music & Dialogues

Carry On Jatta 3 Binnu Dhillon Scene

Carry On Jatta 3 boasts a wonderful playlist. The movie includes some beautiful songs like ‘Jatti’ by Ammy Virk, ‘Bura Haal’ by Atif Aslam and ‘Lehanga’ by Gippy Grewal. But our favorite among all is ‘Farishtey’ by B Praak. It would be a crime to not give credit to Jaani for his terrific work in penning these graceful tracks.

The highlights of the film are its dialogues that are very hilarious and rib-tickling. The iconic 

‘Advocate Dhillon ne kala coat aiven ni paya’, and ‘Bhaji chikad ni mera susu nikaleya’ are the evidence of how hilarious the dialogues of the film are.

Carry On Jatta 3 Review – Overall

COJ 3 Movie Gossiping Scene

Now it’s time to conclude this Carry On Jatta 3 review with our final words for the film. So, Carry On Jatta 3 is a perfect family entertainer that takes you to a rib-tickling laughter ride. This is the reason team Kiddaan rates Carry On Jatta 3 4.5 stars on the scale of 5. The movie has everything that is needed for a movie to be called a ‘Blockbuster’. So what’re you waiting for? Go book your ticket now and enjoy this star studded blockbuster hilarious laughter ride. Sayonara…

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