Carry The Bat: Do You Know The Meaning Of This Phrase In Cricket? Details Inside

With the Asia cup 2023 going on, the whole country is busy watching the matches and hoping for India to win the cup. Cricket is the most loved sport in our country. 

Cricket is not just a game, but a very strong emotion. A lot of people take a holiday from their offices to watch the matches while some other fans purchase expensive tickets to go and attend the matches in the stadiums. 

India vs Pakistan is one such match that grabs a lot of attention across the continent. Since India and Pakistan are rival countries, a match between these two is something which holds the potential of gripping the whole nation. 

Cricket is not just for fun but most of the time it teaches you something new as well. There are certain phrases and terms used in cricket that are very common but their meaning is not known to many. For instance, do you know the meaning of “carry the bat”? If no, then let’s find out.. 

Meaning of “Carry The Bat”

Carry the bat is a very common phrase which is used in cricket matches. This term is used when an opening batsman remains not out i.e he does not get dismissed when the team innings is closed. 

In simple words, carry the bat is used when the opening batsman remains ‘not out’ while the other 10 players get dismissed in an innings. 

This term dates back to the early era of cricket. Initially, this term was used for any not out batsman but by the 20th century, the term started referring to only the opening batsmen. 

There have been 13 carry the bat instances in the ODI matches, 56 in test series and 1 in T20IS.

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