Carry Minati Becomes First Individual Indian Youtuber To Cross 40 Million Subscribers

Carry Minati aka Ajey Nagar, the 24 year old Indian Youtuber rules over the hearts of his millions of fans. Carry Minati is one of our most favorite content creators.

Carry is very well known for his Roast videos and his entertaining videos, vlogs attract huge audiences, especially the youngsters. He has roasted many popular personalities till now. One of Carry Minati’s video “Youtuber vs TikTok:’The End’ grabbed eyeballs. Later the video was removed for violating terms and service.

He is also a great Rapper and Gamer. Two years back, Carry became the first Indian youtuber to cross 30 million subscribers. And once again he has successfully become the first individual Indian creator on youtuber to surpass 40 million subscribers. 

When carry had 39,998,161 subscribers, he took a screenshot and while uploading a story on instagram he wrote “Until this point I was not thinking about it, I was like, (not bothered) its okay I will hit the mark of 40 million but now  my heart beat is getting faster.” And then finally he touched the milestone by hitting 40 million subscribers. 

He has got the sweet fruit, after working hard for years. A big congratulations to Carry on his remarkable achievement!

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