Celeb’s Quit India, Silently!

Well, home is where the heart is and you cant exchange that comfort for anything but our entertainers often have to do it because their lifestyle and fan following makes them do so.

COVID has made us realize the importance of family. People who truly matter to us have stayed in life and others filtered. Isolation is not something humans are designed to function in, and after some time it starts to bother even the best of us.

Our stars are no exception to this and they have been leaving India for their home where they have families and close circle.

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First, we noticed the superstar entertainer Diljit Dosanjh has left the country as everything about his posts and stories changed in a jiffy. His kitchen has changed, dishes are changed and surroundings have changed so certainly he moved out of India quietly. While in India he has been keeping us entertained through these tough times with his funny cooking commentary. He now is making stories from California where he stays with his family about which he doesn’t talk openly and we totally respect that.

Latest video shared on Celeb’s Instagram handle.

Another one we noticed was Celebrated lyricist and singer Happy Raikoti who was few days back posting from India but now from his posts one can easily tell he is in Canada with his family. Well Happy wherever you stay we wish to hear more of your songs.


The latest update came from Jasmine Sandlas who was stuck in Mohali, India. Earlier in the day, she posted a couple of stories from her home in California. Jasmine was accompanied by her sister and Mother. They seem to be having fun in local train and airport back to hometown, well who doesn’t cherish being back in hometown. So ya we are happy for Jasmine too, who is going to drop her dream album call “Album 3” which she believes is something she wanted to since the start but as Punjabi industry functions differently, she has to be a recognized face first so as to sell her dream album. Jasmine has been posting a lot of stuff about her songs lately on Instagram and we are sure she has packaged enough surprises in her upcoming album.

Rana Ranbir is already stuck in Surrey as he had gone to promote Posti which is an upcoming Indian Punjabi-language film directed by Rana Ranbir and produced by Gippy Grewal. It stars Prince Kanwaljit Singh, Babbal Rai, Surilie Gautam, and Raghbir Boli. Initially scheduled to be released on 20 March 2020, the release has been indefinitely postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic in India. Currently, Rana Ranbir is keeping people hooked to his craft through his recently launched youtube channel.

A few days back we also heard from Gagan Kokri that he has submitted his application for evacuation from India but authorities would take due time so till then he is stuck in India.

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Well we wish that our entertainers stay well and closer to their families and once COVID is over we will beautiful memories and awesome music and movies lined up for release.

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