CEO Of India: Yash’s KGF Chapter 2 Most Popular Dialogue

CEO Of India, there is no way you haven’t heard this dialogue. It is all over social media. The dialogue is from a scene of one of the biggest movies in Indian cinema history, KGF: Chapter 2.

The ‘CEO Of India’ scene comes when Rocky, played by Yash, visits the Prime Minister of India Ramika Sen, played by Raveena Tandon. While waiting to meet the Prime Minister, Rocky meets a businessman, who introduces him as the CEO of a company. 

Rocky is unaware of the term and asks a nearby worker, what does CEO mean. “Boss of the bosses”, replies the worker. There is no way the power-greedy Rocky wouldn’t love to call himself as, but in a way nobody would have expected.

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Rocky then turns back to the CEO and introduces himself to him as the ‘CEO’. The curious businessman inquires “Which one?”. “CEO Of India”, replies Rocky as the background music and the whole theatre is set ablaze by the dialogue.

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CEO Of India has become the most popular dialogue and is all over Instagram reels, Youtube and other social media platforms. KGF: Chapter 2 is filled with some moments and this is the reason why it has become one of the biggest movies in the Indian cinema history. It has so far collected around Rs. 1,170 crore at the box office and has become the third highest grossing Indian film, after Dangal and Baahubali 2: The Conclusion. 

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